How to Submit/ Review/ Update a Ticket Via Portal

Whether you need to speak with Billing, Sales, or Support, Portal can be every Vivio client's best friend. Instead of calling in, you have the option to submit a ticket in Portal, which basically means you'll send us an email that we will aim to respond as quickly as we possibly can.

Submitting a ticket can be helpful if the question/issue is non-urgent, if you need to relay technical or detailed infomration, or if you want information on a new/product service in writing so you can review it before you make your decision. If you call in, there's no guarantee that a question/issue can be answered immediately, so creating a ticket ensures we have the information we need before we respond to you. (It also allows you extra time to think over our answer and ask more questions if you have any.)

How to Submit a New Ticket:

Step 1: Login to After you login, click on "Submit New Ticket" on the right side of your screen beneath "Support Summary."

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Step 2: Fill out the support ticket.

The Ticket Submission Window - Image

If you have multiple contacts on your account you can select the appropriate one, you can enter any addresses you wish to be cc'd, a subject, and your message or request. You can select the department the ticket should be sent to (the Support department will be selected by default), mark the ticket an "Emergency" if it's urgent, select the service the ticket is in relation to (optional), and add any attachements such as screenshots etc. The only required fields are the subject and the message.


Step 3: Click send!

Yep, you heard us right. All you have to do is click "Send" and your ticket is on the way to the correct department. 

How to Review and Edit an Existing Ticket

If you want to check on the status of your ticket, see who's working on it, or followup with Vivio, simply go click on "View Open Tickets" next to the "Submit New Ticket" button.

Click view tickets - image
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You will be able to see all your currently open tickets and their critical information such as when they were opened, last updated, which department they are in and so on.

The ticket list - image
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From the ticket list, you can open one of the listed tickets, or filter the list via the view drop down at the top right if you wish to review closed tickets as well.

Support Ticket - Image
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Once you are in the ticket you can respond or add information by clicking the 'Post a Followup', 'Reply', or 'Reply and Quote' links. When you click one you will be presented with a similar are to what you saw when initially creating the ticket, with those options that are already a part of the ticket such as the subject and department removed.


Need anything else? Just "submit a ticket" and ask!