How to View Your Invoices and Make a Payment in Portal

If you’ve been a Vivio client for a while, you know our payment processes recently changed in the last year. We decided to go to Portal because it is a lot more user-friendly for clients and is much easier to navigate. We like having a system where our clients can login and see what services they have.

How to View Your Invoices

Need to see what you owe? No problem. Portal makes viewing your invoices easy. Simply login to and select “View Invoices” under the Billing & Services tab (See Item #1 in the image below).

You will be able to see all of your current and past invoices there, along with the amounts due. The list can be filtered for Unpaid, Paid, or All via the drop-down box (See item #2 in the image below). If you owe anything, the amount due will show under the “Amount Outstanding” tab when filtering for either All or Unpaid (See item #3 in the image below). You may also determine unpaid versus paid invoices via the color of the icon next to each invoice number.

Note: If you’re not sure what your login information is, feel free to give us a call or email us.

Image of invoices list
*click to view in a new window


How to Make a Payment

Before you can make your payment, you must have a card on file or you must make your payment using PayPal. If you have not yet added a payment method, see our article on first. If you do have a card on file, or wish to pay using PayPal, simply select "Pay Online" beside your unpaid invoice (See item #1 on the image below).

Image Select Pay Online
*click to view in a new window


A new window will be opened. That window will allow you to select the stored payment method(See item #1 below), and will allow you to either make payment in full, or if you wish, you may also enter an amount less than the total due either via the total payment amount box (See item #2) or directly on each line (See item #3). This can be useful when you need to split the payment between multiple payment methods or payer. 

You will also be able to see any previous actions taken on the invoice including previous payments, credits, or refunds (See item #4)

Once you have verified the payment method and amount are correct, click 'Charge Now' (See item #5). 

Image Payment Window


Once you have clicked 'Charge Now', if the payment is successful the window will close and you will be presented with the previous page, which will have a small alert window notifying you that payment was successful (see the image below). 

Image Successful payment
*click to view in a new window


Please note that if you have multiple invoices outstanding you will need to repeat the payment process separately for each invoice. If you wish to verify that all of your invoices are paid, simply filter the invoice list to 'Unpaid' as described previously.


We hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at