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By default, access to view a Phone/Chat Code is only given to the Primary Contact listed within an account.  You may allow other Authorized Contacts on the account to view this Phone/Chat Code by following the instructions below.  Customize these permissions according to the specific roles and security protocols within your organization.

Haven't created a Client Phone/Chat Code yet?  See: How to create or change a Client Phone/Chat Code in Portal.

You may also create Phone/Chat Codes for each individual Authorized Contact.  See: How to create or change an Authorized Contact Phone/Chat Code in Portal.

Access to Phone/Chat Codes should only be given to users with your approval to submit requests to our Support team, as they may incur additional costs to your expected monthly services.

Step-by-step guide

Here are the steps you'll need to take: 

1:  Log in to the Vivio Client Portal.

2:  Under "Client Profile," select "View Contacts." 

3:  Select "Edit" on the line to the right of the contact . A new pop-up will open.

4.  In the new pop-up that has opened, select the "Permissions" tab at the top.

5:  Click the arrow beside "Client Profile" to expand and view more options.

6:  On the "Profile" line, under "View," select "Allow."

7:  Select "Update" to save these changes. The pop-up will close.

8:  A message will appear at the top of your screen. "Success: Contact updated." This contact now has viewing access to your Client Phone/Access Code.

If you need any help granting permissions for your Phone/Chat Code, please contact our Support team.