If you’re concerned about the amount of backup space you’re using and would like to reduce it, these tips may help.

Note: You will need to be on one of our latest backup plans and logged into your backup server to access the R1Soft control panel and the features mentioned in this article. The R1Soft control panel will also provide more detailed information about your backup data.

Review Your Backup Data for Old Store Points

If you’ve locked an older restore point, as the data on your server changes, the overall amount of data needed to keep both the old store point and your current store points will be greater over time. You can reduce your storage by unlocking and deleting the old store points that you don’t need anymore. You may also need to do a disk compaction to help reduce the space after the store points are removed.

Learn more: http://wiki.r1soft.com/display/ServerBackupManager/Lock+recovery+points

Change Your Backup Data Retention Policies

Vivio’s default backup policy is to retain your daily backups for 14 days and weekly backups for 6 weeks. If you have many data changes each day and keep daily/weekly backups for longer amounts of time, you may want to reduce the number of store points you’re saving. Changes to your retention policies could reduce the overall amount of space needed to keep these backups available for data restores.

Learn more: http://wiki.r1soft.com/display/ServerBackupManager/Edit+policies

Exclude Data from Your Backups

There are situations when you might not need to back up all of your data. For example, if you have local backups and don’t need to backup again on a Vivio server, you could edit the policy to not backup those folders. Please note that future backups will exclude the data after this change, but older backups will still have that data until the store point is auto-cycled out or manually deleted.

Learn more: http://wiki.r1soft.com/display/ServerBackupManager/Exclude+files+and+folders

Review Your Backup Plan Tier

It’s possible that your backup plan tier no longer fits your needs. If your backup usage has gone down, you may get better pricing by going down to a lower backup tier. Or, if your backup usage has gone up and you're receiving a second invoice each month for the additional space being used, you may get better pricing by upgrading to a larger plan.

Learn more: Classic Backup Pricing: https://viviotech.net/classic-backup/ and Velocity Backup Pricing: https://viviotech.net/velocity-backup/

If you have trouble logging into your backup server, please get in touch with our Support team.

Next Steps...

Running a Vacuum on Your Disk Safe

Over time, the amount of "deltas" vs. actual disk space used can grow due to fragmentation. If you see a significant difference between the two values, or if you recently purged older restore points with a lot of data that is no longer in use, "running a vacuum" or compacting can help clear out the data and reduce your overall on-disk size. Performing a compaction will realign the data and reduce fragmentation, bringing your on-disk size closer to your deltas size. This process may take hours or days to complete depending on the amount of backup data. You may request that a data compaction be run on your backup files as part of your managed backup services here at Vivio. Please reach out to our Support team to get this scheduled.