What is a Security Code?

A security code is a password or phrase you create for your Vivio account within Portal.

How do I use a Security Code?

The next time you call or open a chat with us, you’ll be asked for your security code to verify your identity. This step helps us confirm that you have ownership or authorization to make requests or changes to an account.

Why do I have to create a Security Code?

The short answer: Security codes are an additional safety measure to protect your account from potential theft or fraud.

The long answer: If you’re a long-time customer, you’ll know that this is a change from calling up and being on a first-name basis with many of our technicians. You may be disappointed about this change. We’d have preferred to keep things simple too. As the global rates for account theft and online fraud increase year after year, we must take additional steps to protect your account. A security code will give your account another layer of protection when calling or chatting with us.

How do I create a Security Code?

See our Managing Security Codes page for more information.

I already set up a Phone/Chat Code; is this something else?

They’re the same, but the name has changed.

Do all the authorized contacts or users on my account need a Security Code?

All authorized contacts on the account need access to a security code for phone calls or live chat sessions. Depending on your preference or security protocols, you may choose from several different setup options.

Option 1: If you are the account owner, you can create a security code for the main account profile and give viewing access to your other users. In this way, you are effectively sharing the same security code.

Option 2: Each authorized contact or user on the account can have a unique security code.

See our Managing Security Codes page for more information.

What should my Security Code be?

It can be a word, phrase, or a combination of random characters. A security code is a password, so don’t use personal details that could appear in search engine results or on social media accounts.

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