We believe it is important to show transparency in the work we do for our clients. This is why we have added several new categories for the types of support work that we do. Our Support service remains the same, but the additional categories should provide more insight into the work that has been completed on your account. 

Infrastructure Support 

This type of work includes everything that you do not have access to remotely. This includes all our hardware, network connectivity, and lockout correction. Any work listed as Infrastructure on your statement is for documentation purposes and included free of charge as part of your hosting services. 

SysOps Support 

This type of work includes server management tasks that you have access to but have asked us to do on your behalf. This includes requested tasks such as SSL installations or firewall changes, and scheduled tasks like software patching. Technical notes are typically added to tickets as work is completed by our Support team and are often viewable within your Portal account. Any work listed as SysOps Support on your statement is billable by the minute.  

Managed Support 

This type of work is available for all our fully managed products. This includes our Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed Shared Hosting, Managed Shared Lucee, Managed Offsite Backups, and Managed Shared Zimbra Email Hosting. Any Support work completed for these products is listed as Managed on your statement and typically included free of charge as part of these services. 


This type of work is exactly as the name implies. This is work completed on your account that is considered billable as SysOps Support, but a technician elected to give it to you for free. Examples of this could be when a technician is still learning how to do a task, or when a technician was interrupted during a task and not certain that their time-tracking is correct. This is done at the sole discretion of the Support technician and may not be requested. Complimentary time may not be audited or changed once invoiced. It’s a gift! 

If you have any questions about your statement, please contact our team via emailphone, or web chat.