For first time users, logging into your account can be a complicated process. This article will guide you through the steps of retrieving your credentials from the Vivio Portal and accessing your cPanel Shared Hosting account for the first time.

Once logged in to cPanel, you can manage your sites, update your email addresses, and everything else you need to do to manage a successful online presence.


This article assumes you ordered your cPanel Shared Hosting account through Vivio's online checkout process. It is during this process that you created your Vivio Portal username and password, and you'll need to remember those credentials to access your account. Here's a screenshot of the page where you created your Vivio Portal username and password for reference:

If you do NOT remember what you set your username and password to, you can use the "Reset Password" link on the URL and use your email address to have a new, temporary password sent to your registered email address. If you need further assistance with this, please see the password reset KB article.

Step 1: Log in to Portal

Open your favorite web browser and go to the following URL: Vivio Client Portal

Using the username and password that you created when you went through the Vivio checkout process, enter in your username into the "Login Name" field, and the password you chose into the "Password" field. Once logged in, you should see something similar to the following screen:

Step 2: Find your cPanel Shared Hosting Service

Next, we need to navigate to your cPanel Shared Hosting service to retrieve the credentials to access your cPanel server.

In the left-hand menu, open up the "Billing and Services" drop-down list, then click on the "View Services" link. This will take us to a page that shows us our active services.

In the screen shot above, we can see we have an Ultra Shared Hosting account, along with a domain name registration. Click on the "Ultra Shared Hosting" link.

Step 3: Find your cPanel Login Information

Once you've clicked on the link for your service, you can see all the specific details of your service on the following page, including your access information, as shown in the following screenshot:

From here, you can click on your cPanel Login URL, which is the link found under Control Panel Host Details in the Login field, and use the credentials listed under Server Details to log in to your cPanel account.

Step 4: Log in to your cPanel Account

Using the Log in URL and credentials we got from our Vivio Portal, we can now log in to our cPanel accounts, like so:

Once we've logged in, we'll have access to all the tools we need to configure our server, install software, and maintain our site.

If you need additional help, please feel free to talk to us by creating a ticket in your Vivio Portal.

Thank you for choosing Vivio!