Have a payment due soon and not sure how to update your credit card on file? We have your back. Here at Vivio, we offer automatic payment processing via the client portal.

Step-by-step guides

How to add a credit card:

  1. First, log in to the client portal. If you need assistance with this, please see the article How to access your Vivio Portal client account.
  2. To add a card on file, select “Payment Methods” under Client Profile.

  3. Click “Add Credit Card” and enter your payment information. Your name, address, phone number, and email should populate automatically. Just double-check to make sure everything is correct, and check the “I give authorization…” box. Note that the Issue Number should usually be left blank.

  4. Once the card has been added successfully, you should see a notification box at the top that says, “Success: Credit Card Added.” 

You have successfully added your payment card to the account and signed up for automatic payments. Please be aware that if you have any open invoices, the system will not process a payment for those invoices automatically and you will need to either make payment manually or request assistance from our Billing department to process the payments on your behalf.

Don't want to remain on auto-pay? Just remove the card when you are done making your payment.

How to remove a credit card:

  1. If you need to remove a credit card on file, such as when you do not wish to be on automatic payment, simply click “Delete” on the card under Payment Methods.

  2. After clicking delete, you will be presented with a dialogue box asking if you’re sure you’d like to remove the card. Click “Yes.”

  3. Your payment method has now been removed. Just remember that if you had any services that were previously set up to automatically charge to that card on your billing due date, and you do not have another card on file, you will need to provide an alternate payment method or make future payments either manually, by check, or by PayPal.

How to update or change the default payment card:

  1. If you need to make an edit on your card, you can update it by selecting “Edit” on the Payment Methods screen. From there, you can make the changes you need. If you have multiple cards on your account, and wish to make the card you are editing the default for auto-pay, just check the 'default' checkbox. 

  2. After you've completed your changes, click 'save'.
  3. The changes you make will now be available for use in making payments.

If you need help with making a payment, or some other aspect of managing your account via the client portal, please see the related articles below or contact our Support team via email, phone, or web chat.