r1Soft is the backup tool that Viviotech uses. Below are some links to commonly requested guides. 

If you have a VPS or a dedicated server you can find the link to your backup server and your credentials from your Viviotech welcome letter or by logging in to https://portal.viviotech.net and checking your backup service. 

If you are on a shared server you can access your backups from within your cPanel account.

Restoring Files and Folders

Restore and/or download files and folders


Guide to download files is near the end.

Restoring Databases


Restore a MySQL database to the original location


Restore a MySQL database to an alternate location


Using innodb_force_recovery if your first restore attempt fails. 

While doing a restore, If you get a message saying that r1Soft is unable to create the temporary database instance, running the restore again with the innodb_force_recovery option could work. 

To do this add the "innodb_force_recovery" option on the Temporary Instance page of the restore options with the value of 1. 



Restore a MS SQL database to the original location


Restore a MS SQL database to an alternate location


cPanel shared server

Access account backups (File and databases) via cPanel plugin


After you get your backups pulled up in the browser it may help to review the more exact guides above.

Using innodb_force_recovery if your first database restore attempt fails. 


Make sure to use option 1.

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