Whether you are separating your services out between multiple accounts in your own name, or transferring ownership of a server to an end user, Vivio has a process to handle the transfer of services.

Transferring an entire account

If you are turning your entire account over to a new user, or even an entirely new company, the process is quick and easy. Updating the client account to reflect the new user and updating the payment information and authorized user is all that it takes. We have articles which cover the necessary steps and all are linked below:

How to update your primary account information

How to add or manage a credit card on file

How to add an authorized user

Transferring service(s) from one account to another

If you need to turn ownership of one or more services over to another user account entirely, while retaining your current account, the process requires some additional effort to ensure such transfers are completed with full authorization of the current owner.

  1. Ensure that the party gaining the service has created a user account to receive the service you wish to transfer
  2. Download a copy of the Vivio Service Ownership Transfer document

  3. Complete the fields of the document, taking care to provide all required information.
  4. A signature is required to complete the process. You may print, sign, and then scan and return the document or embed a digital version of your signature, but it must match the signature found on the returned ID scan.
  5. Return the fully completed document along with a scanned image of your government-issued photo ID for comparison to billing@viviotech.net.

After we have received the returned document we will review the request and authorization document. Be advised that service transfers may be delayed or require additional steps to complete as determined by Vivio - Vivio takes service ownership very seriously. Service transfers will only be approved for accounts in good standing. Please see our Master Service Agreement for further details.

Once the service transfer is completed you will be notified via email.

Transferring a domain from one account to another

If you have a domain registered with us, and you wish to transfer it to another account here at Vivio, please open a ticket with our Billing department directly and we will walk you through the process.

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